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Floor Plan 2
Turbo Button is back with a sequel to its bizarre VR puzzler. In Floor Plan 2, you use an elevator to travel between worlds while solving puzzles in bizarre settings. This time around, Turbo Button promises a much larger game with fully explorable levels. Later on, a PSVR version expected.

In Star caller, a PC VR puzzler built around immersive VR interactions, you’ll find unique puzzles, accessible gameplay, and fantastical visuals. There are over 30 different puzzles to solve across three difficulty levels.

Little Chicken, Traffic Jams
Little Chicken’s wacky VR puzzler has finally approved. In traffic jams, you must maintain control of the flow of traffic while avoiding any mishaps. We’re hoping Traffic Jams will keep us occupied for hours with its full campaign and party mode for up to four non-VR players.

Swarm is an arcade-inspired shooter in which you swoop through arena-style levels. It’s another active VR game that aims to replicate the feeling of swinging. Greensky Games claims it’ll be a relaxing experience, but we’ll have to put that to the test for ourselves.

PSVR — Alvo
PSVR hasn’t had a big multiplayer game in a long time. With a modern military setting and support for the PSVR Aim controller, Alvo hopes to fill the void. The PC and Quest versions will follow a little later, and keep in mind that this release date is subject to change.

Inner-space Mask maker
A Fisher man’s Tale’s creators are back with a brand new perplexing adventure. Mask maker allows you to create and wear masks that transport you to various worlds. Inner space is making its biggest VR game yet, with some light elements and a deep focus on making masks.

Afterlife The Oblivion
Fast Travel Games has returned with a new VR horror game set in the World of Darkness universe. In Wraith, you enter the afterlife and investigate the mysterious circumstances of your death by exploring the haunted halls of Barclay Mansion.

Star Wars Pinball
Zen’s classic pinball games get a Star Wars makeover… in virtual reality. Tables from the entire Star Wars saga.

Carly and the Reaper man — Escape from the Underworld
Resolution Games has released a Quest version of a local co-op platformer. Carly and the Reaper man used to collaborate by having one player in virtual reality (VR) guiding a flatscreen player through levels. Inside Quest, the game is the same, except now both users are wearing Quests. We’re looking forward to seeing how it holds up.

Holonautic-Hand Physics Lab
This set of unique mini games and technical demonstrations for Oculus Quest hand-tracking is getting an official release after a long stint on Side Quest. It’s not a game in the traditional sense, but there are 80 unique experiences to show the technology, all of which work with Touch controllers.

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